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High quality photographic prints of North Eastern Scottish landscapes

Winter Sea, Slains Print


Location: Slains Castle, Cruden Bay, Scotland.


Slains Castle, just north of Cruden Bay, stands on a very dramatic location.

It is believed that Bram Stoker was so inspired by the Castle that it formed the basis for his most famous novel: "Dracula".

The North Sea Storm had diminished somewhat, however the sea was still high, and this produced an atmospheric effect, some of which, I believe, has been captured in the print.


Michael Fellowes is a self taught landscape photographer living in the United Kingdom. For many years he has been photographing some of Scotland's most beautiful scenes, including castles, beaches and harbours.


North East areas such as Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Cruden Bay are shown in a new light, with photographs including Dunnattor and Slains Castle, and many coastal views.

Featuring a selection of high quality prints from North Eastern Scottish landscape scenes, where uneasy seas, majestic rock formations, and stormy skies are captured.
A selection of prints are on display at Cruden Bay Gifts, situated North of Aberdeen in the village of Cruden Bay. (map)




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