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"When photographing Scottish landscapes, I try to impart into my print some of the essence of the location. This changes constantly due to the weather, the time of day, and the time of year. It is even more variable at the coast. The sea can be subject to gale force winds and other times it can be calm. The changing sky will reflect light which will change the appearance of the subject, tide and sea state are also in constant change, so if one were to go to the exact same location every day for a year it would be quite possible that 365 different prints could be produced.

The British Isles have a wonderfully varied coastline. The North East Coast of Scotland is no exception, as it has a great variety of sand and pebble beaches, dramatic cliffs, lighthouses, castles, towns, villages, harbours and much more. People have changed parts of the coastline over time and have generally added to its appeal, however the North Sea has shaped and defined this beautiful coast for many more thousands of years.

I attempt, with these images, to convey some of its changing moods.

I am self taught, with the exception of some practical work at Southport Technical College during the 80’s. Along with many other photographers, I was grateful to see the reinstatement of Velvia 50 by Fuji. I use this exclusively in my Mamiya RZ67, which is a joy to use, and it’s my opinion that a good medium format transparency is preferable to a digital file. However the ability of digital medium to produce good results has long been established and I have found the advantages of digital to be considerable - images here have been produced by Digital Capture and by traditional Transparency Film.


Its very sad that successive governments have not done more to look after our environment, and a walk along many beaches will reveal a great deal of plastic pollution. On the other side of the North Sea the Government of Norway has for many years encouraged a deposit system on bottles. The UK used to do this when I was a child.


Suzie, my constant companion during the photographic sessions usually stays close by, however, she still sometimes fails to appreciate the requirement for any sand in an image to be unblemished, Suzie is a Chocolate Labrador and my “On Location Assistant”.


I hope you find the images to your liking."


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